Saturday, December 6, 2014

Video: Rich P - Vicarious

Haters are admirers in disguise...atleast that's the message New York artist Rich-P is relaying. In the video for his street single "Vicarious", Rich has to holla at a dude who's been talkin' slick..but in all actuality,he just wants to be down with the team. We definitely have all experienced this situation in some shape or form. The song is what really kept my attention. The hard hitting track showcases Rich's crisp,animated flow and lyrics that suggest that even through all of the menacing bars,he's a humble,stand up guy. I'm a fashion forward artist myself,so I connect with him for that alone and appreciate the variety he's bringing to the table. My fav part of the video was the payphone call and response scene lol too funny. Watch the video of the Teyana Taylor affiliate below. 

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