Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tiffany Evans - Baby Don't Go

My girl Tiffany Evans is back! You may remember the pint sized singer with the huge voice from Star Search or her first outing on #PromiseRing with Ciara or even her amazing EP #143 she released last year. A marriage and a baby later, the young ATLien (by way of New York) gearing up to release her new project at the top of 2015,with "Baby Don't Go" being the first single. Lil G, as I like to call her, details a relationship in which no matter what trials and tribulations take place, she continues to stay, as her dude pleads for forgiveness. I love the song and the R&B authenticity of it. Not only does she sing,write, and dance, she also runs her own production company, and her creativity is unparalleled when is comes to visuals so I can't wait to see the video. Make sure you pick up "Baby Don't Go" out on iTunes now! 

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