Thursday, November 12, 2015

Video: Pia Mia - Touch

Guamanian sensation (and one of my favorite artists) Pia Mia is striking while the iron is hot via her 2nd single "Touch". The blonde bombshell continues with the island vibe, donning nine fashionable looks, performing smooth choreography, and even sharing a little on screen romance with Straight Outta Compton star, O'Shea Jackson. Pia incorporated all of the things that made me fall in love with music videos to begin with...multiple outfit changes, dancing, and over all creativity (check out the truck she turned into a pool!). Look out for the young star's debut album dropping next year under Interscope Records. Watch Touch below. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Video: Keke Palmer - I Don't Belong To You

Actress Keke Palmer is stepping out for the second time as a musical artist with her new video "I Don't Belong To You". In the black and white clip, the former teen star shows that she is all grown up and knows exactly who she is, as she struts her stuff to the London On The Track produced, R&B number. Now this is what I'm talking about! Keke looks gorgeous in a variety of sexy looks showing off her toned body and exudes the confidence to make it every bit believable. The song is catchy as hell and touches on a topic we've yet to hear from a woman on a mainstream front, which I thought was very clever. Power actor and singer Rotimi stars as the leading man, while the ever beautiful Cassie drops in for a surprise ending. Experience the shockingly sensual video below.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Jacquees - Bounce

Atlanta singer Jacquees holds his fans over with his latest track "Bounce", while they wait for the release of his debut album. The Rich Gang star keeps with the sexual theme on the slow-burning R&B banger and it's gold. I love a good sex song, especially with a little knock to this is a winner in my eyes. Take a listen below.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Video: Obs3ssed - Flexin'

Girl group Obs3ssed step onto the scene with their throwback inspired video "Flexin". The singing trio take it back to the early naughties with Christina inspired wardrobe and Britney like dance moves, all the while keeping it current with fresh R&B styled melodies. I love a good girl group so I'm all the way here for it. Here's to hoping that this isn't a one off and these ladies do big things. Watch the no scrub kiss-off anthem below.

Video: Miguel - Waves

R&B rockstar Miguel has been enjoying a few years of success off of his experimental sound. His latest single and video "Waves" further pushes his agenda into uncharted waters. The urban funk track sees the ever sexual crooner expressing his intimate needs, while the video plays out as a psychedelic, punk show equipped with women galore and a few famous features (J.Cole,Wale,Vanessa Hudgens). I absolutely love "Waves" and it's parent album Wildheart. Miguel has successfully blended lush harmonies with exuberant guitar melodies to create enjoyable, real life experiences,,which is much needed in the current state of music. Get lost at sea below. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Video: JayWill - Come and Go

It's not everyday we get to witness an artist as unique as LA rapper JayWill. The bisexual emcee lets it be known that guys come a dime a dozen in the colorful video for "Come and Go". In said clip, Jay gets pampered by shirtless hunks, gets his nerd on with a couple of school girls, and even switches it up by rocking a long ponytail while busting out some choreographed moves. This visual shows how you can successfully intertwine being yourself with being commercially viable...and the catchy and honestly is something I could see Nicki Minaj being apart of, which is a compliment if you ask me. My favorite line (probably because I'm from Cali lol) is def My next n*gga name Raekwon is a criminal from Piru, and if nobody ever (insert) a n*gga that gangbang shit I do. With his fearlessness and creative eye alone, he will go far. As Gucci would say, Miss 15 one comin'. Watch below.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Day Wave - Come Home Now

Oakland artist Day Wave has taken over my playlist with his insanely catchy track, "Come Home Now". Whether I'm cleaning, driving, lying in bed, or working, I find myself full out dancing to the uptempo, synth-pop number. I love the fact that it gives you a specific feeling...enjoying a hot, summer, California day at the beach as a sequence of ocean waves (no pun intended lol) crash. "Come Home Now" is by far my favorite pop song this year and I can't wait to hear what else this talented gentleman has in store. Get home ASAP to listen below. 

Hue Stona - Nu Thang

R&B singer Hue Stona sets the mood with his raunchy cut, "Nu Thang". Over a sensual beat, the crooner shows off his falsetto while claiming he can do things to a woman that the others before him couldn't. Pretty self-explanatory, but catchy nonetheless. This will definitely be a new addition to your sex playlist. Dive in below. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Video: Malachiae Warren ft. Migos - Thank Yo Momma

Atlanta seems to continuously churn out new artists everyday. Motown artist Malachiae Warren reps his hometown in the Migos assisted video "Thank Yo Momma" and it's...slightly nostalgic. From the opening porch and phone call scene, I immediately got Ciara Goodies vibes and instantly knew I would love it. The young singer pulls up to a local pool party filled with scantily clothed women before linking up with Migos at the legendary Cascade skating rink. I think what intrigued me most about the visual was the overall energy (the girl with the purple hair entertained me so much for some reason lol). My only gripe is that there was no choreography, which would've taken it to the next level. All in all, cool video for a fun song. Turn up with Chiae below. 

Video: Troye Sivan - Wild

Australian singer Troye Sivan has debuted the heart-warming video for his catchy POP tune "Wild". Two young boys hang out around the neighborhood, unknowingly developing feelings for each other...that is until their fathers have a rift between themselves and separate both parties all together. Troye plays narrator, as he holds his lover in bed before sharing a kiss at the end. I really enjoyed the emotion behind the concept, and it doesn't hurt that the song makes you feel as if you can love without restriction. "Wild" is the first offering from the young star's recently released EP of the same name. Watch below #LoveWins

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Devon - At Your Best (Remake)

Philly singer Devon came across my radar via the Instagram Explore page and I'm glad he did. The talented artist has been putting his own spin on popular records for awhile, but it's his latest track that resonated with me. "At Your Best" is a remake of the late Aaliyah's beautiful ballad, equipped with updated production and a gorgeous falsetto throughout. His voice is as smooth as butter, with runs so effortless, I can't wait to hear his own music (that he's currently in the studio cooking up). Fall in love all over again below. 

Sevyn Streeter ft. HitBoy - Boomerang

Sevyn Streeter continues her musical assassination with her latest project Shoulda Been There Pt. 1. Stemming from said project is the whimsical, midtempo "Boomerang" featuring and produced by Hit-Boy (what up Chaunc!). Over a edgy, clinking beat, reminiscent of Aaliyah and Timbaland, the singer/songwriter alerts her boo that he's going to lose her since their love isn't strong enough for him to bring that ass home. I love this track so much mainly because of the passion and confidence Sevyn exudes throughout. Lines like all these curves and all this face, gettin' all this work, and still you wanna go and act up are a true testament to the times, and basically solidify the point that, a person makes time for what they want...regardless of how fine or special you are. For all you women (or men) out there who are doing your thing, and don't feel appreciated by your significant other, throw this on for a sense of empowerment. Listen below #Zoomin.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Album: Natasha Mosley - Rose Hall

When I saw that my girl Natasha Mosley released her full length album, I was instantly excited. You may remember the young Atlanta singer from her collaborations with Jeremih (All The Time) and Verse Simmonds (Bent Up), but now she's ready to step out on her own. "Rose Hall" is a true definition of Hip Hop and R&B; hard hitting beats meshed with soft, angelic vocals. Ms. Mosley taps her favorite producers, FKi among others to serve up that 'real'. The entire project is pretty cohesive, but of course I have a few standouts. The vulnerable Love Me Later tells the story of a person who knows who they want to be with for the rest of their life, but it's not reciprocated just yet on the other end. I get in my feelings every time I hear it because I know exactly where she's coming from, as I too have held out hope for someone who wasn't quite ready for me.  On the sensual October, the brown skin beaut yearns for a cuddle buddy during the cooler seasons, while staking her claim on the confident Beautiful. Other notable tracks include the bouncy Anything and Shotgun. Natasha is the around the way girl that the ladies want to hang around and the guys want to date, making "Rose Hall" the perfect soundtrack to close out the year. Get into it below. 

Video: Omarion ft. Kid Ink and French Montana - I'm Up

Here..there..women everywhere. MMG singer Omarion throws a wet n wild pool party with the help of rappers Kid Ink and French Montana in their playful new video, "I'm Up". The former boybander dons a few different looks and even invites his real life girlfriend and baby's mother, Apryl, to join in on the action. The song and visual scream summertime fun and I'm here for it. The Nic Nac produced track serves as the first single from his upcoming album, Reasons. Watch the guys have a ball below. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Video: Merril - Run Your Mouth

Call me by my government name...looks like that's what singer/songwriter Merril prefers during sexy time. In his new video "Run Your Mouth, the San Diego native styles it up under a red light, while instructing his lover to hush up and put in work. The Imfamous Beats produced track is available on iTunes now. Experience the sensual visual below. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Jordin Sparks ft. B.O.B - Work From Home

Jordin Sparks is finally making GOOD music. She has a few okay pop songs, but this transition into R&B is proving to be a winner sonically for her. Set to appear on her upcoming album Right Here Right Now, "Work From Home" starts off as a smokey slow jam, before handclaps and bass kick in, taking the record to another level. Jordin channels her inner Aaliyah vocally, trading in her powerful belts for a sensual falsetto and lush harmonies. Rapper B.O.B lends some freaky bars towards the end including the clever, I get laid while they get laid off, line. This is by far the former American Idol star's best song in my opinion. Now here's hoping her team agrees and "Work From Home" becomes the next single (Lord knows this album needs some promo). All in all, I'm loving the direction Ms. Sparks is headed in and am eager to see what unfolds next. Put in overtime below. 

Video: Candice - Singles Out

Ladies get your money ready. Candice joins the Chocolate City movie soundtrack with her song, "Singles Out". The spicy singer serves up plenty of choreography to accompany the uptempo, club ready record, all the while being surrounded by half naked men. I love dancing in videos so I was automatically hooked (The wet scene was poppin'). The catchy song details a typical night out for a pretty woman, citing lines such as, It's raining men, and they all wanna buy me a drink. Watch Candice put on her best moves below.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Video: Demi Lovato - Cool For The Summer

Pop superstar Demi Lovato is heating up the rest of our year with her spicy new video "Cool For The Summer". Probably my favorite song at the moment, 'Summer' sees Demi show off her sexy new figure as she sings about a little girl on girl action. I love the shady, dimly lit nature of the visual as well as the confindence Ms. Lovato is certainly wearing loud and proud. Even though I know she doesn't dance, I was secretly hoping she was going to bust out an 8 count lol. "Cool For The Summer" is the first single off of her 5th album due later this year.  Get hot and steamy below. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dreezy ft. Teyana Taylor - How I'm Coming

Chicago seems to be the new mecca for emerging, young, rap artists. Following the likes of Chief Keef and Tink, Dreezy steps onto the scene with an EP titled Call It What You Want. Stemming from the project is the R&B banger that is "How I'm Coming" featuring Teyana Taylor. In her signature smokey tone, Teyana starts off the song with a sensual hook, before Dreezy drops bar after bar bigging up her "skills" (if you know what I mean). The beat bangs, and I can def see myself riding around at night zoned out to it. My only problem with Dreezy is that she is so similar to Tink that she may not get her proper shine. Otherwise, I like the budding femcee and can't wait to see what else she has in store. Find out what you need to do in the bedroom below. 

Video: Bahja Rodriguez - Lipstick

Well that didn't take long. Former OMG Girlz singer Bahja Rodriguez premieres the video for her debut single "Lipstick" and it's all sorts of cute. She shows an all grown up side of herself, as she gets close with a male co-star around the city in the Sean Bankhead (Celebrity Choreographer) directed clip. The 19 year old stays true to the lyrics, keeping it pretty flirty by indulging in a couple light make out sessions (ow!). I definitely got a throwback feel from it.  Hopefully in future releases we'll get to see her move a little something, as she comes from a dance background. All in all...pretty girl, cute song, fun video. Get into "Lipstick" below. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Video: dumblonde - White Lightning

Former Danity Kane members, Shannon and Aubrey, have joined forces to create the fierce duo dumblonde. Eager to shed the past and start anew, the girls introduce a new side to them with their debut single "White Lightning". Armed with a fun, melodic, electronic sound, 'lightning' sees the blondes explore their artistry, donning different looks behind a multitude of lighting effects. I'm really digging this new direction from the ladies, and after listening to a few tracks, I'm sold. Their debut album arrives in September, but for now, get into the twosome below. 

Video: Ciara - Dance Like We're Making Love

Don't sleep on Ciara! Even though musically the singer has been on the cooler end, visually she's hotter than ever. Unveiling her highly anticipated video "Dance Like We're Making Love", the mother of 1 sexes it up inside of a luxurious mansion, showing off her beauty and skilled dance moves. YES! YES! YES! Even though I prefer HOOD Ciara, this video definitely exceeded all of my expectations. The opening scene sees the limber star perform some acrobatics inside of a large fountain, before journeying to a dimly lit room where she flirts with a shadow. The standout of course is her erotic,dance duet with a mysterious co star under the beautiful night sky. I love a good motion editorial, and that's exactly what Ci gave us...Fashion, Face, and Dance. Let the ATLien dance into your heart below. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

LoVel - Work

One of my favorite up and coming male singers, LoVel, has released a new track by the name of "Work". As with his prior two releases, this sexy R&B jam focuses on a woman and what happens when there's some drank in your system. The sensual production (courtesy of The Hittas) carries his smooth vocals, centered around an extremely catchy hook. Get into a groove below. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Video:Oscar Key Sung - Brush

Melbourne artist Oscar Key Sung has a new video called "Brush" and it's pretty cool. Two dancers perform choreography in front of different color backdrops to the Electronic R&B jam. Overall, I enjoyed it, but there's one part that stood out to me...when Oscar finally emerges and sings out, Aren't you sick of men, thinking you need them to tell you who you are? Literally perfect. Brush up with the Australian singer below. 

Kay Cola ft. Iamsu! & Kool John - Have 2 Call

Singer Kay Cola teams up with Bay Area hot shots, Iamsu! & Kool John, on her infectious new single, "Have 2 Call". The uptempo kiss-off record sees the young beaut let it be known that she 'don't need no n*gga' ( PINK DOLLAZ! LOL), if you will. It's a fun song with a catchy melody, and the Bay always has it turnt, so all in all, it'll def be a cool ride to song. "Have 2 Call" can be found on Kay's upcoming mixtape, For The Dreamers Tape, due out July 21.  Listen below. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Murdock HD ft. Nani - Facts

San Diego artists Murdock HD and Nani team up for an anthemic banger entitled "Facts". The Travie XO produced track starts with Puerto Rican songstress Nani serving up lush harmonies, claiming that she'll ride for those who have her back. The young beauty shines here and honestly stole the show with her melodic tone. Rapper Murdock HD holds his own though, lacing the track with rapid fire bars such as, Have you ever heard a n*gga say he got me?...nope, cause all n*ggas right here got me. I have to say that "Facts" is one of the few songs I've ever liked coming from my hometown, so kudos to these two. Ride till the wheels run flat below. 

Jacquees ft. Rich Homie Quan - Come Thru

Rich Gang's resident crooner, Jacquees,  builds up hype for his debut album by dropping his first official single,  "Come Thru",  featuring Rich Homie Quan. Over a strong Cameo #Candy sample (one of my favorite old school songs), the ATL native flexes his vocal muscles, praising a sexy lady using multiple flavor metaphors. Rich Homie Quan starts off the track, boasting about his sex skills, referring to his private part as a Snicker with no caramel. I think it's a pretty catchy tune, and no doubt will have you singing along because of the highly recognizable sample. Jacquees is definitely one of the more interesting male singers, so I'm actually looking forward to this visual and the parent album. Visit the Chocolate Factory below. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Bahja Rodriguez - Lipstick

Former OMG Girlz singer, Bahja Rodriguez (bka Beauty), returns with a new single called "Lipstick". Over a retro R&B production emerges an effortless vocal from the starlet, basking in all the lovemaking goodness her man provides. She's definitely not a kid anymore, and with looks like hers, she should be able to establish a solo career. The visual will be dropping any day now, so be sure to keep it locked here. Feel your beat below. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Video: Pia Mia ft. Tyga & Chris Brown - Do It Again

The day I've been waiting for has finally came. Guamanian singing sensation Pia Mia has released the video for her official first single "Do It Again" ft Tyga and Chris Brown. Sticking to the summer-esque, island vibe of the song, Pia cruises along the sunny beaches of Malibu with her girls, frolics in the sand, and serves up some instense choreo all before ending the night with a party. First, let me start off by applauding the glam squad for making every bit of her look absolutely FLAWLESS. Every scene was beautiful, especially the solo shots of her in all white. Dancing has become synonymous with Pia so there was no surprise that she had a full out, banging routine with her shirtless dancers. I really appreciated the culture she incorporated, which made the viewer feel as if they were getting a deeper look inside of the artist. Chris Brown and Tyga added their flavor, further solidifying the Nic Nac produced track as a winner.There's no denying that the Interscope signee is what we've been missing in a younger artist; amazing voice, style, choreography, and vision...not to mention gorgeous.  Pia Mia's debut album should be arriving later this year, but for now, get into "Do It Again" below. 

Tiffany Evans ft. Fetty Wap - On Sight

Pint-sized powerhouse Tiffany Evans has returned to the music game and is here to snatch wigs! Following up buzz singles Baby Don't Go and Red Wine, the ATL based singer drops her Fetty Wap assisted first single, "On Sight". The youthful R&B track sees Tiff flex her vocal chops as she insists that she knows what she wants and any guy interested better keep up. It's a fun, summer record that features one of the hottest acts at the moment so I'm sure with a killer, dance heavy visual, and energetic performances, we'll be seeing a lot more of this little lady. "On Sight" can be found on Tiffany's upcoming EP, All Me, arriving later this year. Listen up below.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Omarion ft. Kid Ink and French Montana - I'm Up

It looks as though Omarion's return isn't temporary. The MMG singer continues to make us dance with his new single "I'm Up" featuring rappers Kid Ink and French Montana. Produced by Nic Nac (Chris Brown, Pia Mia), the thumping club banger sees Omari boast about how poppin' he is, lettin' everyone know that there's levels when it comes to him. It definitely rides the coat tails of his current smash Post To Be, but it's more groovy and seems like an anthem for the guys. All I really want is for O to dance again and really kill this visual like in his hey day. Regardless, we're in for a hot summer. Count up your commas below. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

TC - Designer

His face may be unfamiliar, but you've seen the name throughtout many an artist's writing credits. Songwriter TC (Tamar Braxton, Justin Bieber) steps from behind the pen and ventures out on his own, offering up the midtempo "Designer". On the R&B jam, TC sings his heart out, stating that he's the best thing that could ever happen to another. On first listen I was blown away. The vocal ability on this guy is out of this world. You can clearly hear a strong Brandy influence, from the extravagant harmonies to the crazy runs. Designer serves as the first single from his upcoming EP. Swipe that card below.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Chrissy - Shadow

They always say..don't judge a book by it's cover. California singer Chrissy (Chris Stokes' daughter) stays in line with the family business and debuts a beautiful song named "Shadow". Finding a home on the Will To Love movie soundtrack, the heartwrenching R&B tune tells a tale of a girl who believes she is perfect for a certain guy, and will not play the background to anyone else. I honestly didn't expect this to be this amazing. From the looks of Chrissy and knowing her father's resume, I assumed I'd hear some type of Cali turn up record, but boy was I wrong. The instrumentation alone was incredible and the passion behind her voice took you to the exact moment she reminiscing about. Hopefully we get to hear more music from the recent high school graduate soon. Step into the light below. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Video: Miguel - Coffee

Old souls we found a new I'm swimming in that sin, that's baptism. R&B's resident rocker Miguel unveils the video for his sultry first single "Coffee". The risque clip sees the crooner get hot and steamy with a sexy co-star (who looks a lot like his long time girlfriend Nazanin), groping, kissing, and playing in the sheets till the early morning. Although very simple, the emotion throughout helped convey the song's message and give you a glimpse into Miguel's mind. I do wish there was a breakfast scene and actual guitar playing, but overall I dig it. The California native will release his third studio album, WILDHEART, June 29th and will embark on a nationwide tour this summer. Get into the video below. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Video: Veronica Vega - Pay Me

Children beware..close your eyes..Veronica Vega is taking the summer for a naughty ride. For her latest single "Pay Me", the spicy beauty spits some provocative rhymes over a pounding, Polow Da Don produced beat. It's very...My Neck,My Back..which is a great thing! lol. I love some good, ratchet fun and this visual serves up a lot. From the ass shaking to the fashion, it's safe to say that this Latina is not afraid to be daring. Let loose below (NSFW). 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Video: Katharine McPhee - Lick My Lips

Former American Idol alum and Smash actress, Katharine McPhee, reintroduces herself into the music industry with her new video "Lick My Lips". The fit beauty flaunts her body to the retro tune, serving face amongst her 50's inspired co stars. It's a fun track for the summer and I especially enjoyed the higher, soulful notes. Hopefully there's a good mix of Pop and R&B on the album. In the meantime, get a taste of Ms.McPhee below. 

Natalie La Rose ft. Fetty Wap - Around The World

Cheers to wasting no time! Riding high on the success of her first single, Somebody, Natalie La Rose follows up with the bass-heavy, electro "Around The World" featuring hot shot of the moment, Fetty Wap. The Dutch singer gets naughty from sea to sea while her collaborator sings in his usual warped vocal. I really like the entire track, despite wishing Fetty's delivery was a little better. This is a perfect setup for staying atop the charts until her debut album drops. I know she's gonna give us looks and choreo aplenty in the video so you can bet I'll be stalking her social media for updates. lol. Give it up to Natalie below. 

Rashad - Turn Down

Ohio singer/songwriter Rashad has dropped a smooth, slow burner accompanied by a catchy hook and lush vocals in the name of "Turn Down". The screwed nature makes it an instant play in the bedroom; not to mention the explicit lyrics. The track can be found on Rashad's forthcoming album, The Quiet Loud, due this summer. Turn down below. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

MOTHXR - Stranger

NYC based band MOTHXR is so interesting to me. The guys blend different sounds like Pop,Rock, Electro, and R&B to create a sonically pleasing catalog including the moody, 80's inspired kiss off record "Stranger". Equipped with murky vocals and synths aplenty, the track takes you on a ride that you never want to get off of. My favorite line of course is the blunt, and very necessary, She thinks she knows me..I don't give a f*ck at all. An added bonus to the allure of the band is that actor Penn Badgley (most recognizable as Dan Humphry from Gossip Girl; love all his work though) is a member. Talk about an amazing artistic transition. You can catch MOTHXR on tour this summer. Don't be a stranger below. 

Janine and The Mixtape - We Could Be Better

New Zealand native Janine and The Mixtape has been making quite the name for herself with her previously released track Hold Me. Now back with her 2nd EP XX, the sweet voiced singer delivers a standout by the name of "We Could Be Better". On the sultry record, Janine yearns for the love of a guy who isn't hers, singing You're not mine and I'm not yours, but I wish you were...we could be much better. I love the rawness and vulnerability, and add in a soothing vocal that can ease the stress and pain...she has a winner. Explore your feeling below. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Video: Alyxx Dione ft. Jason Derulo - Chingalinga

Alyxx Dione rose to social media fame by possessing some really good genes. Originally apart of a group, the singer was able to branch out on her own with a little help from her similar Beyonce/Ciara facial features (Which is definitely not a bad combination). Finally ready to prove that she's more than a pretty face, Alyxx has released her debut video "Chingalinga" ft. her labelmate Jason Derulo. The catchy uptempo was def created with the radio in mind, equipped with interesting instruments and lyrics such as, I got the keys to the kingdom now, they chingaling when my chain hangs down. The visual on the other hand is pure gold...literally. Like a true princess, Ms. Dione sits upon her thrown as she's catered to, before switching outfits and breaking into a dance routine (Ya'll know how I feel about choreo in videos!). Jason chills with his homies before scooping up the beauty and whisking her off in his gold, push to start Lambo. The set was very elaborate, which isn't common for new artists to have nowadays so the label must really believe in this girl. I'm excited to see what's next to come. Shake that thang like there's no tomorrow below. 

Young Thug ft. Popcaan - I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)

A new day, a new Young Thug song. On the rap/singers latest track "I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)" produced by Jamie XX, he spits his usual unrecognizable lyrics about enjoying himself while creating different melodies (I think that's what we like from him anyway). The sampled hook and unique, feel good, summertime-esque beat (Is that a Xylophone?) really make the song. Dancehall artist Popcaan can be heard adding a little culture to the hook, which I honestly think was unnecessary because of the strong sample. Overall it's a nice tune to ride out to with the windows down in sunny weather. "I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)" can be found on UK producer Jamie XX's album In Color. Bop your head below. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Monica ft. Lil Wayne - Just Right For Me

Ring the alarm! The original Ms.Thang is back with a hot new single to match her fiery new hair. On "Just Right For Me", Monica shows restraint and soars with her golden, 90's vocal, as she professes her love for her husband, NBA player Shannon Brown. Lil Wayne opens the song, which starts off with a sample, but shortly hooks you in with heavy 808s and a strong melody. I love the fact that Monica has never strayed too far from her signature sound in the 20 year career she has enjoyed (Genuine R&B with a little ATL swagger). She has consistently put our good records, and "Just Right For Me" is no different, in has quickly become one of my favorite records from her. The Polow Da Don produced record serves as the lead single off her upcoming album Code Red. Take a listen below.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Video: Hilary Duff - Sparks

Actress/Singer Hilary Duff is gearing up to release her fifth album June 16th, but not before putting out the Tinder inspired video for her single "Sparks". The colorful visual starts off with Hilary at a radio interview admitting that she really uses the dating app, and shows footage of her friends helping her pick out guys. I love the Pop number and think it's a good look that she's incorporating more choreography into her performance. Hopefully she has more gems along the lines of this on the album. Meet your match below. 

Mila J & BC Kingdom - D+G

R&B singer/dancer Mila J has been pretty quiet since making waves with her debut EP M.I.L.A, but she's back with a new record called "D+G" accompanied by the Inglewood duo, BC Kingdom. The three artists sing the entire song together with a light, breathy vocal, complimenting the moody nature of the track. This is a complete 180 to the mainstream uptempo tracks you'd expect from Mila, unless you're a fan of her earlier work where this sound was present. When I hear it, I automatically think of rain and the emotional state you get into when you're lonely, but it's not depressing at all. If this is the new direction she's going in, I'm here for it...and I'm very curious to find out more about Saint Heron's (Solange's label) BC Kingdom. Fill your heart with Diamonds and Gold below.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Video: Elijah Blake ft. Dej Loaf - I Just Wanna

Songwriter Elijah Blake is stepping from behind the scenes and putting the rest of his talents on display. In the video for his first single "I Just Wanna", the Detroit native and Def Jam signee meets a brownskin beaut in a shoe store and continues to follow her around town, showing off his slick dance moves. The choreography was fresh and impressive, giving hope to the dry male R&B arena. I could've done without Dej Loaf's rap/sung verse (there's an original version w/o her), but I understand why she was added. All in all I say kudos. Get f*cked up with Elijah below.