Monday, February 29, 2016

Video: Tim Woods - H2O

I came across Houston rapper Tim Woods on the Instagram Explore page (which I love surfin' lol) and was drawn in intially because of his look. I watched his "H2O" video and liked the more alternative vibe he gave off as opposed to another "trap" type rapper. Tim dawns a Daisy crown as he dabs in an open field, tosses cash, and lies in an empty bathtub. This is definitely a smokers anthem, equipped with murky, hippie-esque visuals. It would be interesting to hear him on a track with Jhene Aiko...hmm. "H2O" is the first single stemming from Woods' Pushing Daisies project dropping soon. Go under the influence below. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Ella Mai - Don't Want You

Super producer DJ Mustard is stepping into the corporate world as owner of 10 Summers Records...and with that obviously comes new talent. Ella Mai is Mustard's first female artist and she doesn't disappoint. The London bred singer adopts a more Cali sound, while still adding her personal touches (showcased on her EP, Time). When I heard "Don't Want You" I immediately fell in love. The song starts off as a somber ballad and turns into a kiss-off club banger, which is always a clever move in my book. Two things come to mind when I hear it...90's and Kelly Rowland. I say they do a big budget video for this single and really push it because it's too good to let go to waste. Ella Mai is pretty, has a strong voice, and has DJ Mustard behind her so I'm sure she'll be fine. Get into "Don't Want You" below. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Video: Christina Milian - Liar

Singer/Actress Christina Milian has enjoyed a busy 2015; starring in Fox's hit show Grandfathered, E's Christina Milian Turned Up reality show, expanding her clothing brand We Are Pop Culture, and releasing her latest musical project, 4U. From the aforementioned EP spawns the scorned lover's anthem "Liar". Christina decides to keep it simple, going back and forth with her conscious against a stripped backdrop and minimal makeup. I thought the simplicity made the lyrics seem more heartfelt, as you saw the expressions in her face change. Milian looks gorgeous as always so at the end of the day, anything she appears in looks visually appealing. I'm hoping there's an official album coming soon...until then, peep "Liar" below. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Video: Young Lyxx - Daygo

I've been patiently waiting for this video. The general public never recognizes my hometown San Diego,CA as having it's own identity, or even producing mainstream talent; Rapper Young Lyxx is here to change that with his pride-filled visual for the Goose produced "Daygo". First let me say that I enjoyed this the most because of how humble Lyxx genuinely is. The song is a banger off bat, and shouting out local hotspots and hood landmarks was pretty fly. Of course growing up partially in the southeast, I've been to Fam Bam (Fam Mart) a million times so seeing that brought back memories (Lil Mackn nameplate, star earrings, scrunchie socks, vans, fabric paint, Legion Hall, Functions LOL). It also was cool seeing cameos from people I know and/or am familiar with representing Daygo to the fullest, coming together to support a movement. We've had a few people break out and become stars, but none in which we can notably identify as a billboard for the city...until now. I honestly believe that the YoungNMade Y$M boss will be one of the few (if not THE ONE) who will reach success and help forward the knowledge and move the culture. Young Lyxx's latest project G$LMPD$TRCT drops March 15th. Watch the Yellow Nguyen directed "Daygo" below. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Video: Young Greatness - Moolah

Money is always GREAT motivation, just ask New Orleans rapper Young Greatness. In the video for his bubbling hit "Moolah", Greatness shows us around his hood and  visits what seems to be a viewing at first, all while exposing us to his city's culture ala Mardi Gras. I absolutely love this song! The production is so melodic and hard-hitting thanks to the legendary Jazze Pha (One of my favorite producers of all time). A catchy, relatable record tied in with an authentic visual is always a recipe for success. Whip up that work and get to the moolah below.