Monday, April 25, 2016


Underneath the girl Pia Mia returns with a brand new track called "UNDERNEATH" (prod. by Nic Nac/written by Bobby Brackins). The short, but fiery uptempo sees the Guamanian sensation get hot and heavy with a significant other, singing out, 500 degrees, 500 degrees, you hot as 500 degrees.  On first listen I was up out my seat dancing along lol that's how poppin' the song is. Pia's vocals are flawless, navigating from soft, to full, to falsetto effortlessly throughout. She shared a sneak peak of the dance routine so I'm assuming there's a video coming soon, and with any Pia Mia video...MOVIIIIIIIE. Here's to hoping "UNDERNEATH" will help ignite the fire on getting her debut album out. Break a sweat below.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Video: Connie Diiamond - Summer Sixteen Freestyle

Bronx rapstress Connie Diiamond is introducing creativity back into the game with her latest video, "Summer Sixteen Freestyle". Over Drake's instrumental, Connie spits straight bars while her eyes change back and forth between white and brown. It's obvious that she has skills, but it's her strikingly similar appearance and style to a certain rap legend that has captured and kept my (and many other's) attention. I mean let's just address it head on...she looks like Missy Elliot. I felt like I was watching a throwback Missy video, just with a harder flow...and the flow is what's going to set her apart. Quirky and clever lines like, If you a hatin' b*tch, you been a fan...I'll get my right hand bitch to fuck your man, will definitely have social media users quoting and captioning their photos. I'm hoping she continues to knock it out the park creatively with her visuals. Watch Connie Diiamond shine below.