Monday, April 25, 2016


Underneath the girl Pia Mia returns with a brand new track called "UNDERNEATH" (prod. by Nic Nac/written by Bobby Brackins). The short, but fiery uptempo sees the Guamanian sensation get hot and heavy with a significant other, singing out, 500 degrees, 500 degrees, you hot as 500 degrees.  On first listen I was up out my seat dancing along lol that's how poppin' the song is. Pia's vocals are flawless, navigating from soft, to full, to falsetto effortlessly throughout. She shared a sneak peak of the dance routine so I'm assuming there's a video coming soon, and with any Pia Mia video...MOVIIIIIIIE. Here's to hoping "UNDERNEATH" will help ignite the fire on getting her debut album out. Break a sweat below.

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