Wednesday, December 31, 2014

G Eazy ft. Too Short - Show You The World

How many rapstars you know that went to Berkeley High?..Rapper G-Eazy gets raunchy with the king of strip club music,Too Short, on his new record "Show You The World". The Bay Area artists trade verses about giving women their manhood,as opposed to showing them the world (like those other dudes). G-Eazy mimics Short Dawg's classic flow on the uptempo Christoph Anderson production, while the OG delivers his legendary #Biiiiiitch line. The rest is a win for me. Show your girl something. 

Meleka - The Funkin 90s EP

UK singer Meleka takes a turn in direction with her latest EP "The Funkin 90s". She flexes her vocal chops,covering classic 90s R&B hits. I love the fact that she and the producers changed up arrangements and recreated the records to give them new life. Her vocal prowess is nothing short of amazing,as she weaves in and out of harmony and commands attention with unique,well constructed runs. Aaliyah's #AreYouThatSomebody is one of my favorite songs of all time and Meleka does a great job of staying close to the original, while throwing her own spice in it (screwed elements at the end = A+). Other standouts include the groovy, fast to slow #WhereIWannaBe (Donell Jones cover) and the lush,melodic,neo-soul take on Soul For Real's #CandyRain. Skip down memory lane below.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Video: Doja Cat - So High

Call her a Kunty Kat...Los Angeles singer Doja Cat dropped onto my radar with the orgasmic,weed driven ode to love "So High". The midtempo track sets the mood for a sesh that includes some self reflecting,confidence boosting, and a lot of expression to someone you have the hots for. It was the visual though, that kept my attention. The gypsy themed video plays with your senses by having you look through a kaleidoscope of different colors and backgrounds;by far one of the most creative this year. You can hear more from Doja (I also love #NoPolice) on her EP "Purr",out now.

They Poppin': The Neighbourhood

Pop-Rock band The Neighbourhood has set up shop and has no plans of leaving. The five some experiment with a variety of sounds including Rock,Pop,moody R&B, and Hip Hop, thus coming up with their own,unique concoctions. I equally love Rock and R&B so I appreciate their blend in genres and how genuinely organic they come across. Their name is very fitting, as they sound like a neighborhood of different elements glued together as a whole (I really get a mix between Drake and Maroon 5,with some added edge). A few standout tracks for me would have to be last year's cuddle anthem #SweaterWeather, the horn driven,jazz influenced #Jealousy featuring Casey Veggies, #Lurk from the Spiderman 2 soundtrack, and their recently released single,  #ICantEven which includes a bass heavy beat and a verse from French Montana. Get into The Neighbourhood's black and white world below.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Video: Lil Debbie - Wiggle

I love ratchet white girl fun and that's exactly what Lil Debbie represents (she can dress too though lol). The Bay Area rapstress has made a name for herself for being just that..herself; and turning sh*t up in the process. For her latest video "Wiggle",she gets her eagle on at the beach,drinking 40s with her homegirls as a Too Short #ShakeThatMonkey sample plays in the background (Short Dawg is my fav rapper btw). She's an entertaining artist and reminds me of some girls I grew up with,so I give her props for knowing her lane. Wiggle and shake with Lil Deb below.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jacquees - 19 EP

If Lloyd and early Chris Brown combined sounds they would come up with..Jacquees. The Rich Gang singer flaunts his vocal muscles throughout his debut EP, "19". After listening in it's entirety, I've concluded that he can absolutely sing (no doubt about that) and he has great melodies that help convey his lyrics in a non-corny way (unlike a lot of these rap-singers today).Lloyd,who is also featured on #FeelIt, is one of my favorite male artists, so right away I could hear the influence and knew that I'd be feeling this guy. The ghetto love story that is #FutureBabyMama and the Trinidad James assisted #BetI would have to be my favorite tracks, even though I can let the project play from beginning to end without skipping. I rarely care for male R&B, but he has stirred up a little excitement. Stream "19" below and purchase on iTunes.

1. Future Baby Mama
2. Bet I (Feat. Trinidad James)
3. Soldier (Feat. Rich Homie Quan)
4. Destinys Child
6. You Need Me
7. Come Thru
8. Perfect
9. Feel It (Feat. Lloyd & Rich Homie Quan)
10. No Questions
11. Wont Turn It Down (Feat. Chris Brown)

Video: YB Keem - Wave

Bay Area rapper/producer YB Keem has put out a fresh new video called "Wave". In the synth driven Hip Hop track he goes on about how now that he's starting to pop, people are catching onto his movement. I really appreciate the beat change towards the end (I live for things like this). The video was very eclectic,showcasing Keem's style (That black arm..CRAZY) and a multitude of engaging graphics. I'm hoping he keeps the momentum going with new tracks and visuals. Watch "Wave" below.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Drew Scott ft. $hang - Slay Belles

Producer/Artist Drew Scott drops off an early Christmas gift with a little help from Atlanta newcomer, $hang. On "Slay Belles", the twosome get raunchy for the holidays with an Aaliyah #OneInTheMillion sample and a lot of 90's flare. They are definitely heating up the winter and I am now pressed to hear more releases from them both. Sit on Santa's lap and prepare to be naughty. 

Janel Marisse - Memoirs EP

Janel Marisse releases her debut EP "Memoirs" and it's Hip Hop & R&B gold. Reminiscent of the Crunk n B era of the early 00's, Janel sings her heart out about boys and partying,while repping her hometown. Hailing from the Bay Area, we haven't seen much success from a multi cultural individual in the US urban market before,so hopefully she strikes up some buzz. Standouts include the trap-dance single #NoTomorrow, the slick talking #PutYouOn and #ThatGirl, and the introspective #MemoirsInterlude. Listen to the project below. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tiffany Evans - Baby Don't Go

My girl Tiffany Evans is back! You may remember the pint sized singer with the huge voice from Star Search or her first outing on #PromiseRing with Ciara or even her amazing EP #143 she released last year. A marriage and a baby later, the young ATLien (by way of New York) gearing up to release her new project at the top of 2015,with "Baby Don't Go" being the first single. Lil G, as I like to call her, details a relationship in which no matter what trials and tribulations take place, she continues to stay, as her dude pleads for forgiveness. I love the song and the R&B authenticity of it. Not only does she sing,write, and dance, she also runs her own production company, and her creativity is unparalleled when is comes to visuals so I can't wait to see the video. Make sure you pick up "Baby Don't Go" out on iTunes now! 

Video: NLA - In This Bitch

RCA Records girl group introduces themselves with their debut video, "In This Bitch". Jess,Nina, and Janeen show off their lax,tomboy style and effortless moves while partying in the club. It's a catchy tune with a banging beat. I'm interested to hear what else these girls have in store. Fun fact: Jess (short for Jessica) was the replacement member in the now defunct 3LW. Watch the video below.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Video: Jasmine V - I Love Your Crazy

Doesn't she look familiar? Well that's because she is. California singer Jasmine V, believe it or not, has been around for many years, first appearing as the leading lady in Justin Bieber's #Baby video. She has released a great R&B EP called #ThatsMeRightThere and from that project she drops her latest video, "I Love Your Crazy". In the black and white visual, she keeps it simple with bare,clean looks as she emotionally conveys her feelings for a guy and their unconventional partnership. I was pleasently surprised listening to her music and suggest that you all take a few minutes to check her out. Download her EP,on iTunes now.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Dom Kennedy - Represent (I Like That)

LA rapper Dom Kennedy released a new song today called "Represent (I Like That)" and from the first 6 seconds I knew I would love it. With his laid back,Cali flow intact, he encourages women to do them, all the while letting them know that he's a fan...also expressing his views on his life experiences and all of the things that he likes. Being from San Diego, I automatically get excited when someone mentions my hometown in a song (which is rare) lol. I'm also one of the biggest Murder Inc fans so the lines mentioning Irv Gotti resonated well. Dom is a consistent heat maker and I'm looking forward to his next project. 

Azealia Banks - Ice Princess

The Head Negress has been doing a lot of "setting the record straight" as of late and I am living for every minute of it. Harlem rapper Azealia Banks is known for her outspoken personality,hard rhymes,and uptempo tracks...all of which her debut album #BrokeWithExpensiveTaste all embody. One of my favorite songs from the set is the frigidly brilliant "Ice Princess". Combining exceptional lyricism,light,catchy hooks, and an icey,bass heavy,trap to dance beat, Azealia shines and creates one of 2014's BEST rap songs...all while staying on topic (which most rappers don't do anymore). I love her passion and what she stands for,so that alone will always get my support. Here's hoping she listens to the fan reaction to the track and does a video. #BrokeWithExpensiveTaste is available for purchase now.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Chay$e - Burning It Up

Swang dine and get to know H-Town singer/songwriter Chay$e. A couple months ago she released her debut EP #PurpleLove to great reviews,and from that project came the hot single "Burning It Up". Accompanying a variety of different sounds in the instrumental (which remind me of a 90's jam) is her high pitched voice and takes you on a ride. Comparing her love to burning up some of that good, Chay$e lets her dude know all the things that he makes her feel. In my opinion,I get a 2014 Aaliyah/Timbaland vibe. I saw a clip from the video she shot for the song(looked creative too),but no word on if it will still be released. Blaze up a backwood,po'up, and jam's fire.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

They Poppin': Sincerely XO

When have you EVER seen a girl group where all the girls are equally bomb?! Never. Southern girls Sincerely XO have tipped on the scene and are ready to slay. Now I've been following them since they were originally The Yes Ma'ams (google it) and I must say I'm still enjoying what they are bringing. They had an EP under the former name and from that project spawned a track called #OnlyIfISaySo which I play religiously. They sing and dance,but what honestly keeps me intrigued is their look. I'm obviously really into fashion and they kill photoshoots with attention grabbing garb and a sense of creative direction we haven't seen before in a group (not since Vanity 6 and TLC). They give me the girl next door,who's really popular in school,but are humble enough to interact with everyone. Under the tutelage of hitmaking songwriter Verse Simmonds, J La,Vii, and Jaz have all the key elements to be a force to be reckoned with. Get into my baes before they're too poppin' for life!

KFlay - Make Me Fade

If you want to let go and get into a zone, you've came to the right place. San Fran rapper KFlay drops a trippy track about a toxic love and I must say it strikes a chord within. I love the atmospheric feel and rap/sung combination she provides throughout. The guitar driven "Make Me Fade" will have you in your drunken feelings till the crack of dawn. Pick up her album #LifeAsADog now.

Video: Charli XCX - Breaking Up

UK artist Charli XCX released her sophmore album #Sucker yesterday and I couldn't be more excited. The self-proclaimed 90's b*tch rose to popular fame in the states by accompanying Iggy Azalea on her #1 smash, Fancy. In her latest video "Breaking Up", she sips her milkshake,uninterested in her douchebag lover and heads to the bowling alley where her and her posse live it up. I love the 90's punk,teen movie inspiration. I def will be picking up my copy of #Sucker and raging out all night. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kyndall - Chronic

Houston,Texas singer Kyndall drops a fire new joint aptly titled "Chronic". She uses her soft vocals to create a dream-like,musical high over the 90's inspired beat. Comparing getting lifted to how a boy makes her feel,you're bound to get into your zone on this one. Atlantic Records plans on releasing this young beauty's first project in 2015. 

Album: Chase N Cashe - The Best There Is...

Cha-Ching! When you hear that sound you know some real sh*t is about to come through your speakers. New Orleans Rapper/Producer/Motivational Artist Chase N Cashe releases his album "The Best There is..." today and I must say it's my favorite project from him. I've been a fan of Chase since 08' when I was living in San Bernardino for 6 months. There,I met someone(Hey Dymond) who introduced me to Chase's music(production at the time) via her cousin Hit-Boy and their team,The SurfClub. Over the years, I've followed his career highs and lows,which include moving from LA to NYC,producing for Drake,and turning the focus onto his rapping;which brings us to his new album."The Best There Is..." is led by the single #IVReal,which is a bassline heavy,gritty lyric yam reminiscent of the No Limit era. Everytime it comes on I feel as if I want need to rock a gold grill and shake my dreads in a basketball gym next to Mia X LOL. Throughout, he lets his confidence shine through #30For30 as well his love for beautiful women and his hometown #DGirl(check that Twista sample ayeee) #ForMyCity. My favorite track is #GoodGame produced by Crown Bearer affiliates,Tha Bizness. The beat is real feel good and has an infectious hook,with lines such as "Talk good game so the b*tches all love me". I can def see this song hyping up and becoming an anthem for all my young dudes out here tryna get it. Overall, "The Best There Is..." is his most cohesive,true to self project (He produced a majority of the tracks) and shows a lot of growth. I might add that CNC has an energetic stage show,as I've gotten to witness him live earlier this year at Broccoli Fest LA. I'm a huge supporter of this humble dude,and his vegan lifestyle helps me everyday to stay on the healthy living journey. Whether you're from LA,NYC,New Orleans,or across the will be able to indentify with some aspect of his life,music,or inspirational tweets. "The Best There Is..." is available now for purchase on iTunes.Stream below for your listening pleasure. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jazmine Sullivan - Mascara

It's hard being this fine all the time...R&Beast Jazmine Sullivan drops the 3rd single from her upcoming album, #RealityShow. "Mascara" is a moody midtempo that showcases Jazzy's perfect baritone all the while depicting today's society of women. I can already tell that this amazingly clever track will go right over many people's heads,which I think is genius and a shame at the same time. A lot of girls want to be instafamous, or believe the only way to get a man is to be a model or have a ridiculous fake ass(hey,no judgement here). I commend Ms.Sullivan for speaking on a social issue in a way that's contemporary enough for the youth to jam to. Let's be honest...the song is just damn good! Here's hoping the masses latch onto it and young girls around the world feel inspired. You CAN be poppin' without your mascara ladies.

Rochelle Jordan - Lowkey

Toronto songstress Rochelle Jordan has been on my radar for awhile now;first catching my attention with songs like #Shot. Her single "Lowkey" off of her latest project #1021(available now) is a track I instantly connected with. Her producer KLSH provides an eery,lush backdrop,while Rochelle sings about having feelings for a friend. Her sweet vocals,and 90's style arrangements have often drawn comparison to the late Aaliyah(who's one of my fav artists). I love the fact that her lyrics are so relatable and she doesn't deviate too much from her original sound,while not being redundant. I have listened to this song over and over for months and still feel excitement every time I hear it. If you weren't hip to Ms.Jordan before,definitely don't fall behind and catch up on her music. 

Video: CoCo B ft. 2TooMuch - Don't Lie

San Diego femcee CoCo B (and 1 of my personal friends) releases her new video "Don't Lie" ft 2TooMuch. In the video,her and her girls let these dudes know that they're not having it anymore all while having a kickback at the beach. Grab your red cup,a n*gga,and hit that Daygo Swang ayeee. CoCo B's #Exposed project drops January 25th,2015.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pia Mia - Fuck With You

Your hubby,he's on my line...Interscope signee Pia Mia drops a new banger called "Fuck With You" produced by her boyfriend Nic Nac(Chris Brown,Bobby Brackins). First off Pia is one of my favorite new artists.I got a chance to meet her earlier this year and attend one of her shows and she was nothing short of incredible. Not only does she sing and write,she dances as well;which I love. She rose to fame hanging with Kylie Jenner and singing for Drake & Kanye,but it's her amazing voice and unique sense of style that has captivated millions,including her WolfPack. "Fuck With You" is a confident,California inspired banger telling a guy who's interested in her that she's into him too...even if he has a girl(That's not her fault *sips tea*). The Guamanian beauty is readying her debut album for a 2015 release, with an EP (The Gift) already out. Until then,ride out to her latest track below. She's definitely poppin' and the whole world is flockin'. 

BDS Monstaz - Hate Me

BDS Monstaz are a eclectic rap/sing trio hailing from San Antonio,Texas. I was intrigued by their quirky fashion sense and heavy trap sound. "Hate Me" is a melodic jam that may put you in a sexual mood (if you like aggression) with lyrics such as "Fuck me like you hate me". The track can be found on their EP #Dimensions. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Video: Kehlani - FWU

Bay Area singer Kehlani debuts her video for her raw single "FWU(Fuck With U)" and it's fire. I already loved the relativeness of the song and her effortless pipes,but the vid took it too a whole other level. Representing California is an understatement,with the canal,syncronized handle bar riding, and shorts & sunshine. I'm a sucker for choreography and the Yikin' had me up out my seat hype af lol. "FWU" can be found on her EP #Cloud19 out now. #HBK homie..

Saturday, December 6, 2014

They Poppin': Rich White Ladies

How unfair,is their hair? Rich White Ladies is a group formed by NYC besties, Scotty Rebel (singer) and Tokyo Diiva (rapper). I've known about these girls since forever. Tokyo Diiva has had a strong internet presence due to her amazing fashion sense (not to mention she raps the theme song of Bad Girl's Club). I discovered her on MySpace years ago talking about taking her rollers out to bop a b*tch lol. I'm very much into fashion myself so I couldn't help but follow her for this long. A few of you may be familar with Scotty Rebel (previously known as Gail Scott) as she had a dope single(even doper video) last year #Bang ft. French Montana. I'm not sure what happened with the solo career,but I wouldn't say I'm disappointed with this new union. Rich White Ladies, signed to Motown, are a quirky,cunty,beautiful brown skin,pop/hip hop duo that will not only serve you style,but tea too *cues Kermit*. Their creativity and willingness to take risks are what will always set them apart. Tok def inspired most of these girls out and her & bff are finally getting a proper chance to show the world how it's REALLY done. I'm so proud and excited for these two and can't wait to see what else they have in store. (Scotty and I share the love of The Cranberries so she can do no wrong in my book lol). Get into their "Wimbledon" video below.

Video: Rich P - Vicarious

Haters are admirers in disguise...atleast that's the message New York artist Rich-P is relaying. In the video for his street single "Vicarious", Rich has to holla at a dude who's been talkin' slick..but in all actuality,he just wants to be down with the team. We definitely have all experienced this situation in some shape or form. The song is what really kept my attention. The hard hitting track showcases Rich's crisp,animated flow and lyrics that suggest that even through all of the menacing bars,he's a humble,stand up guy. I'm a fashion forward artist myself,so I connect with him for that alone and appreciate the variety he's bringing to the table. My fav part of the video was the payphone call and response scene lol too funny. Watch the video of the Teyana Taylor affiliate below. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fizz ft. Fresco Kane - Famous

Well well well...Lil Fizz aint so lil anymore. Dropping his new single "Famous" ft. Fresco Kane, he shows just how grown he is. The track has a radio friendly,laid back,Cali vibe and he serves up confident rhymes in his signature tone. I was a big fan of B2K and the sound of his voice has always intrigued me. Here's hoping the exposure from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood helps project him back into mainstream music. "Famous" is now available on iTunes.

Album: Teyana Taylor - VII

Pretty sure you don't have to google her anymore. Last month, G.O.O.D Music's first lady released her debut album, "VII". I have been waiting since like 05' to get an album and am grateful that it's finally here. Teyana really outdid herself,creating one the best R&B albums (or albums in general) in recent years. Throughout the project,she pours her heart out with low,smokey vocals reminiscent of Brandy and Lauren Hill. The lead single #Maybe ft. Pusha T and Yo Gotti is a sexy club banger detailing all the things her and her dude are going to get into after they leave (if you catch my drift). #DoNotDisturb ft. Chris Brown has a sensual,bass heavy beat with bare harmonies in the hook. The two go back and forth,almost whispering, about their sexual escapade behind closed doors. #BrokenHeartedGirl ft. Fabolous almost doesn't sound like someone who's crying beside their bed.Instead, Ms. Taylor lets a guy know that she's been hurt before so don't waste your time doing all these romantic things, just give her a good time (check the Teena Marie sample at the end). Other standouts for me were #JustDifferent and #Request. The whole album is FIRE and cohesive as hell. I'm excited to see more performances and videos from the talented singer/dancer/designer. Make sure you pick up a copy. Harlem what up?! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Natasha Mosely - Make It Up

Atlanta songstress Natasha Mosely teams up with her go to producer FKi for another hard hitting R&B banger. Her silky,high pitched vocals ride the guitar-riff driven beat for a perfect contrast of glam and grime. She details taking care of herself after a breakup in the kiss off anthem.We feel you girl. Natasha has been around for a lil minute now,most notably appearing on Jeremih's hit #FuckYouAllTheTime as well as her own singles #Tattoo ft. Tyga and #Anything. Anytime I wanna feel poppin' and ride out in the whip, I throw baby on. I love a good,base heavy,hood R&B bop. Treat yourself,don't cheat yourself. 

Bad Lands - Love Heroes EP

"Uh oh ooh oh ooh oh ooh uh.." I first heard about this Alt-Pop duo through a mutual friend and have been a fan ever since. LA natives Mowgli Moon and Rocky Chance take us on a journey of famous couples on their second project "Love Heroes". While singing and rapping throughout, Bad Lands mixes different sounds including subtle drums,heavy bass,enchanting synths, and unapologetic lyrics. I absolutely love their voices together! One thing I appreciate the most about this group is the creativity they put forth towards their videos and branding. I've had the chance to witness them live a couple times and they were nothing short of amazing,not to mention very humble. My favorite on the project(now one of my fav songs period) would have to be #ToknightWeRide. The catchy,new age love affair has a beat that is so melodic and just makes me feel like I'm riding around Venice early evening smoking with friends lol. Other standouts include their single #Shotgun as well as #GoldNameplates (nostalgic right??). If you're in Los Angeles,make sure to check out one of their shows.Otherwise,toke up and knight ride... "Love Heroes" available on iTunes now. 

She Poppin': Earanequa

Brown skin poppin' wassup?! Cali native Earanequa has been in and around the industry her whole life. From being related to Chris Stokes to being in former girl group #Jane3, Earanequa has been patiently working and waiting for the right moment to make her mark. I honestly feel that this is a star in the making; Beauty,unique vocal tone,great fashion sense, and dance abilities. Stepping out on her own,she releases 3 new tracks "Body", "Zone" and my personal fav, "Good". Get into her.

The Kid Ryan - I Do

Ok,first let me say that even though I'm from Cali (reside in LA), I'm not the biggest fan of the ratchet,turn up style R&B. The Kid Ryan caught me by surprise with his new song "I Do". Granted the track sounds very similar to TeeFlii's #24Hours, but unlike the former, Ryan proves that he's an actual vocalist with a smooth falsetto and fresh melodies. It doesn't hurt that there's a sample from 90's classic "Freak Like Me" by Adina Howard. Can't wait to hear more from this guy. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DJ Mustard Presents: RJ and Royce The Choice

I'm just getting familiar with RJ, but I've known about Royce The Choice for years now. He had my favorite verse on Mann's #FknSomethin during the Jerk days (Royce The Choice from the eight and I love..). Backed by DJ Mustard's 10 Summers label and YG's Pushaz Ink imprint, Royce and RJ are dropping a collaborative effort 1.12.15 called "Rich Off Mackin". Royce has dope word play,crystal clear enunciation, and a tone of voice that hasn't been heard yet. RJ jump starts tracks with his energetic delivery and animated vocals. Individually and together, these two Cali rappers are next up to continue this movement #Weeeessssst

She Poppin': Moxiie

Displaying her own sound of Jungle Pop, Moxiie has caught my attention.I live for a good teen movie,and her music (especially her single #Jilted) has high school love affair written all over it. I really enjoy her tone and inflections as well as her "beat of my own drum" artistry. Check out #Jilted and be on the look out for more from this NYC-based singer/songwriter.

Album: Omarion - Sex Playlist

One of my favorite male singers dropped his fourth studio album today. Omarion's "Sex Playlist" is definitely that. Slinky sounds,confident lyrics,lush melodies,and bass depict long sessions of love making or...just some good ol' f*ckin'. I can honestly let the whole album play,but I do have a few standouts. Lead single #PostToBe ft. Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko is the most turnt up record here. Lyrics like "And he gotta eat the booty like groceries" over a Mustard beat by the lovely Ms.Aiko are gold enough. #Work is my favorite song off the album.It's just so sexy and mysterious. Everytime I listen to it I visualize luxury real estate,shadows,and satin sheets;Stainless Steal Love Affair lol. From the 90's stylings of #YouLikeIt to the breathy,Brandy-esque harmonies in #Steam, "Sex Playlist" is sounding like one of this year's best R&B projects. Out now on iTunes.

Teairra Mari - Deserve

'Act right,the way you love me I swear that it's a life changer'...Teairra has always been one of my favs. Her debut is still poppin' #ActRight #PhoneBooth including other joints #Uneasy #UDidDat. I'm so glad she's getting another chance at this music thing.I'm a fan outside of LHHH so I won't really touch on that,but it was a great promotional tool I will say. Here's her new single "Deserve" written/produced by Yung Berg(HitMaka) and it's fire.It definitely falls in line with her earlier work;sassy and bass heavy.With this single,plus how good she has been looking as of late,Teairra Mari should have no problems reigniting interest. 

Audio Push ft. Wale - Quick Fast

Long time coming. My boys from the IE(Inland Empire) are finally here with their 1st single from their debut album due via Hit-Boy's HS87 Imprint. "Quick Fast" is a snapping midtempo with a Cali bassline that details a day in the life duo. Wale comes in with a fiery verse with stick out line, "I know some chicks who probably blow they scholarship on a weave". I've had the honor to meet and hang around them & their camp,and all I can say is talented,humble,stand up guys. And we all know HS87 can throw a poppin' function *hits G step*

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