Saturday, December 6, 2014

They Poppin': Rich White Ladies

How unfair,is their hair? Rich White Ladies is a group formed by NYC besties, Scotty Rebel (singer) and Tokyo Diiva (rapper). I've known about these girls since forever. Tokyo Diiva has had a strong internet presence due to her amazing fashion sense (not to mention she raps the theme song of Bad Girl's Club). I discovered her on MySpace years ago talking about taking her rollers out to bop a b*tch lol. I'm very much into fashion myself so I couldn't help but follow her for this long. A few of you may be familar with Scotty Rebel (previously known as Gail Scott) as she had a dope single(even doper video) last year #Bang ft. French Montana. I'm not sure what happened with the solo career,but I wouldn't say I'm disappointed with this new union. Rich White Ladies, signed to Motown, are a quirky,cunty,beautiful brown skin,pop/hip hop duo that will not only serve you style,but tea too *cues Kermit*. Their creativity and willingness to take risks are what will always set them apart. Tok def inspired most of these girls out and her & bff are finally getting a proper chance to show the world how it's REALLY done. I'm so proud and excited for these two and can't wait to see what else they have in store. (Scotty and I share the love of The Cranberries so she can do no wrong in my book lol). Get into their "Wimbledon" video below.

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