Wednesday, December 17, 2014

They Poppin': Sincerely XO

When have you EVER seen a girl group where all the girls are equally bomb?! Never. Southern girls Sincerely XO have tipped on the scene and are ready to slay. Now I've been following them since they were originally The Yes Ma'ams (google it) and I must say I'm still enjoying what they are bringing. They had an EP under the former name and from that project spawned a track called #OnlyIfISaySo which I play religiously. They sing and dance,but what honestly keeps me intrigued is their look. I'm obviously really into fashion and they kill photoshoots with attention grabbing garb and a sense of creative direction we haven't seen before in a group (not since Vanity 6 and TLC). They give me the girl next door,who's really popular in school,but are humble enough to interact with everyone. Under the tutelage of hitmaking songwriter Verse Simmonds, J La,Vii, and Jaz have all the key elements to be a force to be reckoned with. Get into my baes before they're too poppin' for life!

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