Friday, March 27, 2015

Sykes - Best Thing

I live for 80's music so it's a given that I have fell in love with Sykes' "Best Thing". The London trio provides nostalgic production complimented by a dreamy, pop vocal. Take a trip back in time below. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Video: Christina Milian - We Ain't Worried

Milian, bitch you better know...Christina Milian takes it to the club on her Trap inspired record "We Ain't Worried". The Young Money singer/actress whips up some buzz with the promo video for her clothing line, We Are Pop Culture, incorporating the high octane twerk song. Donning different high ponytails and a Pretty On Fleek crop top, Tina Turn Up cooks some food and dances with her girls at her house, letting everyone know that they're the baddest and aren't focused on the haters. It's a fun, turn up record that sees Tina rep for the females in a sea of male anthems. Watch below and pick up the track on iTunes.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Fly Young Red - Like This Like That

I know everyone remembers the "Throw That Boy P*ssy" song/video that went viral last year, I mean, how could you forget? Fly Young Red (the rapper behind TTBP) is back to let us know that he's not a one hit wonder and can compete amongst his "straight" peers. The Houston resident turns it up for the club on his new single "Like This Like That" and I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised. The catchy uptempo sees Red chant a few instructions on how he wants to see you twerk and fuck it up for him. The melody is great and his cadence makes it all the more believable. He touts himself as a gay rapper, but hopefully this record will see him embraced as a rapper period. All in all, I will be drunk in the middle of the dancefloor dancing my ass off when it comes on lol. Move your body below. 

Video: Chelsea - Kissin'

There's nothing like a little puppy love. ATL native Chelsea finally provides the visual for her  Pierre Medor produced buzz single "Kissin". The young singer spends time thinking about her boo (rapper by the name of Issa) inbetween reheasals and on the road, wishing she could be kissing him instead. The video is very age appropriate and comes across sincere,which is a nice contrast to the booming 808s that would suggest otherwise. Cute song for a cute girl. Watch below. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Soda Pop - Something Like That

LA based singer/songwriter Soda Pop is more smooth than fizzle. On his latest track "Something Like That", the free spirit utilizes his silky vocals to effortlessly weave throughout the Electro R&B number. I live for a clever flip and that's exactly what Soda has accomplished with the TLC #DigginOnYou sampled hook. Hear Soda Pop share what he's looking for in a significant other below. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kyndall - Still Down EP

I'm already obsessed with this girl! A few days ago I posted Kyndall's video #PlayingGames and today I bring you her debut EP, "Still Down". The Atlantic Records singer fuses her Houston roots throughout the project, while covering a variety of feelings involving the opposite sex. On #CallAway, she leaves a voicemail letting her dude know that whenever he needs her, just pick up the phone. #Bullet, the most vulnerable track, gives you a somber feel, which can be credited to the love-stricken lyrics. #StillDown and #AllMine are really cute, midtempo R&B records that remind me of Ciara's debut album. Standouts for me though would have to be the thumping lead single #PlayingGames and the 90's inspired #CloseToMe (my absolute fav song and she shot a video coming soon!). Her tone and approach a lot of times reminds me of a young Beyonce, which isn't a bad thing at all. Kyndall won me over with this project and if it's any indication of what her album will sound like, I'm sold! Hear El DeBarge's daughter get real southern below. 

Video: Kayla Brianna - Honest

Every male dominated collective always has a lone female, and Rich Gang is no different. Birdman officially introduces his new artist Kayla Brianna in her new video "Honest". The brownskin beauty regrets being truthful to her dude, as she is interrogated in an colorful elevator and takes a lie detector test. The song and visual are both a breath of fresh air in my opinion. The lyrics paint females in a different light, which makes it that much more relatable and the visual has an actual storyline (not just in the club or in front of a green screen). If Rich Gang can market Kayla how they market Young Thug and Jaquees, they may have another star on their hands. Watch Kayla Brianna break the mold below. 

Angel Gold ft. Too Short - Get On It

I introduced Angel Gold earlier this year and now she's back with another new track. Ty Dolla $ign's sister takes it back with her retro, hyphy inspired single, "Get On It". Over the frisky uptempo, Angel sings about a guy making that next move on her. My favorite rapper Too Short slides in towards the end with a raunchy verse, like only he can deliver. It's a fun, light song, perfect for summer. Angel Gold's debut project, #Afterhours, should be arriving later this year. Listen below. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Jamie Foxx ft. Chris Brown - You Changed Me

Mr. Blame It On The Liquor is back with a brand new single ft Chris Brown called "You Changed Me". A- list actor Jamie Foxx forrays back into his signature R&B sound on the melodic midtempo,about finding that one person who makes you want to settle down. I really love the pre-chorus! That ain't no sense of frontin' when you know I got a thang for so smooth. I like that it has a lot of 90's elements, as far as the structure and melody goes, but also is uptempo enough for the club and current with the addition of Chris Brown's raunchy verse. Jamie Foxx will release his You Changed Me led album May 19th. Listen below. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Young Sam ft. Asia Lynn - Pipe Down

If you're from Cali, you've probably heard these names atleast once in the last few years. Former "Jerk Movement" rappers Young Sam and Asia Lynn link up for the sexually explicit "Pipe Down" off of Sam's mixtape, #TRAPFORNIA2. Over the melodic, J-Hawk produced track, the two emcees trade freaky verses, while coming together on the hook to state that it's just me and my n*gga / b*tch. The song is definitely something you can ride to with the windows down in 80 degree weather. Listen below. 

Video: Kyndall - Playing Games

Move over Bey. It looks like there's another Houston beauty ready to give a taste of her world. 19 year old Kyndall (daughter of El Debarge) officially debuts with her new video, "Playing Games". The copper haired singer plays a game of cards with her man and gets her hair braided, all the while mulling over the infidelity taking place in her relationship. This video is EVERYTHING! Kyndall puts her gorgeous looks and incredible fashion sense on display, donning a multitude of looks, all topped off with a gold grill. I love when the hood and fashion collide, especially when it's interpreted through a pretty girl.  I've been following her journey for awhile (I still have #Chronic on repeat), so it's exciting to see everything come together...and actually be bomb. "Playing Games" can be found on her EP #StillDown, available now. Watch the Atlantic Records signee swang dine below. 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

LoVel ft. Fetty Wap - The Move

I'm really feeling this LoVel guy's music. I posted his #College video a little while back and now he's dropped another hood gem called "The Move" ft Mr. Trap Queen himself, Fetty Wap. The Harlem singer details a story of him ultimately pullin' up on a female and tryna find out what's next. The topic is so relateable to my generation, as everything nowadays involves the two phrases Pull up and Come Thru. We all know that once those words are said, you are either going to be smoking,drinking, or having sex;sometimes all three! lol. The beat is real laidback and kind of puts you in a chill zone, then Fetty Wap's melodic verse comes on with a lot of charisma, which keeps your attention.  LoVel is 2 for 2 to me, so it's safe to say I'm looking forward to his #SomewhereSomeday project, which drops later this year. Find out the move below. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Leigh Bush - Put It Down

Leigh Bush (bka Sammie) is currently trying to reinvent and reintroduce himself to the masses that he once very much appealed to. I would say he's doing a pretty good job, if his track "Put It Down" off the recently released #Series3187 EP is anything to go by. "Put It Down" sees the R&B crooner state all the sexual things he wants to engage in with a female, giving us a light,sensual vocal that feels right at home against the heavy bass. I really enjoy good sex songs and the 90's elements are right up my alley. Hear The DohBoy produced cut below. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lamar Jay - Chills

Roll the dice I feel so lucky...Cali singer Lamar Jay shares his admiration for a special someone on his latest track, "Chills". The atmospheric,R&B banger (produced by the Finisherz) comes equipped with enough cool and confidence to swoon any chick;or atleast have you slow grinding in your seat lol. Listen to the baby maker below. 

Christina Milian - Rebel

You guys won't even believe how excited I am right now! Anyone who really knows me knows I LOVE Christina Milian. She's been one of my favorite singers since forever;I own all the albums etc. Tina Turn Up is making her return to the music side of things with her first single, "Rebel". The sultry slow jam instantly takes you back to the skating rink days, where a lot of early bumping and grinding took place lol. Christina rides the throwback beat with two memorable verses and an equally catchy hook, cooing out, As long as we know wassup...there's nothing left to discuss boy. With the exception of the overused autotune (which I've grown to love), this track is a 10 across the board for me. Christina Milian is known for being beautiful and sexy so what better way to play up her strengths than to release a risque,sensual song accompanied by a striking single cover? Her team is getting everything right for me,and with the aid of her E! reality show #ChristinaMilianTurnedUp + constant visibilty in the tabloids, "Rebel" should gain some pretty good traction. Now all she needs to do is drop a killer video and it's a wrap. I can finally say I can't wait for the new album! "Rebel" (Prod. by The Silentkillers) is available for download now on iTunes.