Sunday, March 13, 2016

Kiersten Anais - Standards

Jasper, one of my favorite producer's (Cherish,Lloyd,Ciara), has started to establish himself as a label head, with the introduction of rising R&B star Malachiae. Now he's decided to take female singer Kiersten Anais under his wing, and with her newest effort...she doesn't disappoint. "Standards" is an 808 heavy midtempo which sees the 18 year old share her self-worth among the guys, letting them know that they're not ready for her in a serious way. Kiersten's voice is super dope to me, and she has an unique look, which is a start to a recipe for success. Listen to the Las Vegas native's "Standards" below. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Video: Keke Palmer ft. Jeremih - Enemiez

Keke Palmer is most known for her successful acting career, but true fans of the young star know that she excels in another Years after releasing her debut, and mixtape, Keke is back with a sensual electro-r&b banger titled "Enemiez". The Jeremih assisted lead single sees the two exchange risque lyrics such as, I want you inside of me, can you fill this empty space?, helping shed the teen image Ms. Palmer has grown out of. As far as this video?! THIS IS A VIDEO! We haven't seen a video this eventful is a while, especially from a new-ish artist. Keke leaves no creative stone unturned, flexing her acting muscle, and serving intense (you see that jab combo?!) choreography reminiscent of Janet. I love that there was a strict theme and certain mood embodied throughout. Judging from her social media, this sophomore album is sounding like an urban winner so lets hope "Enemiez" becomes the hit it deserves to be. Fight for love with Keke below.