Friday, May 13, 2016

SUBLU - My Goodies (Cover)

Long Beach based singer SUBLU links up with producer JHawk (Jerkin' Movement - Pink Dollaz, The Rangers, Asia Lynn etc) for her interesting cover of Ciara's breakout hit, "My Goodies". The track starts off as a pretty standard rendition, but quickly takes a turn into an EDM/Dance slapper when the chorus kicks in, and I must's definitely the best part. Listen to the Cali natives reignite the Crunk&B flavor of the past below. 

Monday, April 25, 2016


Underneath the girl Pia Mia returns with a brand new track called "UNDERNEATH" (prod. by Nic Nac/written by Bobby Brackins). The short, but fiery uptempo sees the Guamanian sensation get hot and heavy with a significant other, singing out, 500 degrees, 500 degrees, you hot as 500 degrees.  On first listen I was up out my seat dancing along lol that's how poppin' the song is. Pia's vocals are flawless, navigating from soft, to full, to falsetto effortlessly throughout. She shared a sneak peak of the dance routine so I'm assuming there's a video coming soon, and with any Pia Mia video...MOVIIIIIIIE. Here's to hoping "UNDERNEATH" will help ignite the fire on getting her debut album out. Break a sweat below.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Video: Connie Diiamond - Summer Sixteen Freestyle

Bronx rapstress Connie Diiamond is introducing creativity back into the game with her latest video, "Summer Sixteen Freestyle". Over Drake's instrumental, Connie spits straight bars while her eyes change back and forth between white and brown. It's obvious that she has skills, but it's her strikingly similar appearance and style to a certain rap legend that has captured and kept my (and many other's) attention. I mean let's just address it head on...she looks like Missy Elliot. I felt like I was watching a throwback Missy video, just with a harder flow...and the flow is what's going to set her apart. Quirky and clever lines like, If you a hatin' b*tch, you been a fan...I'll get my right hand bitch to fuck your man, will definitely have social media users quoting and captioning their photos. I'm hoping she continues to knock it out the park creatively with her visuals. Watch Connie Diiamond shine below.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Kiersten Anais - Standards

Jasper, one of my favorite producer's (Cherish,Lloyd,Ciara), has started to establish himself as a label head, with the introduction of rising R&B star Malachiae. Now he's decided to take female singer Kiersten Anais under his wing, and with her newest effort...she doesn't disappoint. "Standards" is an 808 heavy midtempo which sees the 18 year old share her self-worth among the guys, letting them know that they're not ready for her in a serious way. Kiersten's voice is super dope to me, and she has an unique look, which is a start to a recipe for success. Listen to the Las Vegas native's "Standards" below. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Video: Keke Palmer ft. Jeremih - Enemiez

Keke Palmer is most known for her successful acting career, but true fans of the young star know that she excels in another Years after releasing her debut, and mixtape, Keke is back with a sensual electro-r&b banger titled "Enemiez". The Jeremih assisted lead single sees the two exchange risque lyrics such as, I want you inside of me, can you fill this empty space?, helping shed the teen image Ms. Palmer has grown out of. As far as this video?! THIS IS A VIDEO! We haven't seen a video this eventful is a while, especially from a new-ish artist. Keke leaves no creative stone unturned, flexing her acting muscle, and serving intense (you see that jab combo?!) choreography reminiscent of Janet. I love that there was a strict theme and certain mood embodied throughout. Judging from her social media, this sophomore album is sounding like an urban winner so lets hope "Enemiez" becomes the hit it deserves to be. Fight for love with Keke below.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Video: Tim Woods - H2O

I came across Houston rapper Tim Woods on the Instagram Explore page (which I love surfin' lol) and was drawn in intially because of his look. I watched his "H2O" video and liked the more alternative vibe he gave off as opposed to another "trap" type rapper. Tim dawns a Daisy crown as he dabs in an open field, tosses cash, and lies in an empty bathtub. This is definitely a smokers anthem, equipped with murky, hippie-esque visuals. It would be interesting to hear him on a track with Jhene Aiko...hmm. "H2O" is the first single stemming from Woods' Pushing Daisies project dropping soon. Go under the influence below. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Ella Mai - Don't Want You

Super producer DJ Mustard is stepping into the corporate world as owner of 10 Summers Records...and with that obviously comes new talent. Ella Mai is Mustard's first female artist and she doesn't disappoint. The London bred singer adopts a more Cali sound, while still adding her personal touches (showcased on her EP, Time). When I heard "Don't Want You" I immediately fell in love. The song starts off as a somber ballad and turns into a kiss-off club banger, which is always a clever move in my book. Two things come to mind when I hear it...90's and Kelly Rowland. I say they do a big budget video for this single and really push it because it's too good to let go to waste. Ella Mai is pretty, has a strong voice, and has DJ Mustard behind her so I'm sure she'll be fine. Get into "Don't Want You" below.