Monday, February 22, 2016

Ella Mai - Don't Want You

Super producer DJ Mustard is stepping into the corporate world as owner of 10 Summers Records...and with that obviously comes new talent. Ella Mai is Mustard's first female artist and she doesn't disappoint. The London bred singer adopts a more Cali sound, while still adding her personal touches (showcased on her EP, Time). When I heard "Don't Want You" I immediately fell in love. The song starts off as a somber ballad and turns into a kiss-off club banger, which is always a clever move in my book. Two things come to mind when I hear it...90's and Kelly Rowland. I say they do a big budget video for this single and really push it because it's too good to let go to waste. Ella Mai is pretty, has a strong voice, and has DJ Mustard behind her so I'm sure she'll be fine. Get into "Don't Want You" below. 

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