Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Video: Young Lyxx - Daygo

I've been patiently waiting for this video. The general public never recognizes my hometown San Diego,CA as having it's own identity, or even producing mainstream talent; Rapper Young Lyxx is here to change that with his pride-filled visual for the Goose produced "Daygo". First let me say that I enjoyed this the most because of how humble Lyxx genuinely is. The song is a banger off bat, and shouting out local hotspots and hood landmarks was pretty fly. Of course growing up partially in the southeast, I've been to Fam Bam (Fam Mart) a million times so seeing that brought back memories (Lil Mackn nameplate, star earrings, scrunchie socks, vans, fabric paint, Legion Hall, Functions LOL). It also was cool seeing cameos from people I know and/or am familiar with representing Daygo to the fullest, coming together to support a movement. We've had a few people break out and become stars, but none in which we can notably identify as a billboard for the city...until now. I honestly believe that the YoungNMade Y$M boss will be one of the few (if not THE ONE) who will reach success and help forward the knowledge and move the culture. Young Lyxx's latest project G$LMPD$TRCT drops March 15th. Watch the Yellow Nguyen directed "Daygo" below. 

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