Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Video: Lyrica Anderson - Hashtag

You better hashtag that shit! Lyrica Anderson speaks upon the new generation of love and social media on the R&B thumper "Hashtag". In the accompanying video, Lyrica gets gangsta in a ski mask and performs some effortless choreography on the roof of a building. Honestly I love the hook;besides being catchy, the tone of her voice is so dope to me. It's been a long time coming for the LA singer/songwriter and this visual should help to expand her brand as an entertainer. Watch Lyrica get hot and steamy below. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Justine Skye - Trap Queen Remix

I love when singers remix rap songs and it's actually good. Justine Skye, the self proclaimed Purple Unicorn, is introduced to the stove on her Skyemix of Fetty Wap's popular tune, "Trap Queen". The Atlantic Records singer adds a few verses to give you a female's perspective, from being a ride or die to cooking bacon and eggs. The original is undoubtably the hottest urban song out right now and Justine takes it to another level, really giving us structure and a tight,pretty vocal. Her debut single #Collide ft Tyga is currently available and her EP, #EmotionallyUnavailable, is set for a spring release. Hear the purple haired beauty whip it below. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pretty Ricky - Puddles

One of the best groups ever is back with their brand new single. Pretty Ricky has regrouped with all four original members to release their sex anthem, "Puddles". Resident crooner Pleasure P starts off the 90's inspired jam with the hook, singing out You ain't gotta say too much to me...cuz I know how to get your body wet for me. Baby Blue, Slickem, and Spectacular meet girls at Strokers and make em' bust like choppas in their freaky verses, proving that no one makes baby making music like them. Pretty Ricky plans to release their 3rd official album #Bluestars2 in the coming months, but for now, take a dip below. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jidenna ft. Roman GianArthur - Classic Man

If this isn't an interesting mix, I don't know what is. Janelle Monae has launched her own record label called Wondaland, and first up to bat is singer/rapper Jidenna. On his debut single "Classic Man", the dapper Brooklyn artist fuses his sense of style with the growing Westcoast, RnBass sound to create an anthem for the well dressed gentlemen of the world. It's not too often you see a male artist of urban influence indulge in menswear and high fashion (I identify with this 100%), so I'm eager to see how the industry will react to such a unique figure. I have always respected Janelle Monae's creativity, and I'm sure if she's cosigning, we are in for a visual treat. Until then, dust your shoulders off and groove to "Classic Man" below. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Mario - Fireball

There's nothing wrong with having a few drinks and letting loose. R&B singer Mario throws em' back on new single "Fireball" and I must say...it's a hit. The uptempo sees Mario vocally shine, not dumbing down his abilities due to the cocky,turn up nature of the song. The beat is fun and fresh, almost mixing a little EDM in, but not quite. I definitely forsee a lot of choreography in the video. It's good to see another male out and I hope this song is a winner. Mario has always been one of the best male vocalists of the new genereation, and proves it here that he can do all types of records. Listen below. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Devon Baldwin - Confession

Bay Area singer Devon Baldwin really surprised me. When I first saw her, I assumed she made indie-pop music or something along those lines, which is absolutely not the case. She actually creates really beautiful,whimsical R&B (a la Drake) and I'm here for every second of it. Initially I came across her song #Blame which is dope, but it was the newly released, JMSN produced "Confession" that had me sold. In a crystal clear falsetto, Devon keeps it 100 about her feelings  posing the question, Could you hold me tight and say it's just this one time only?  "Confession" is a combination of sounds incorporating a staccato hook, lush harmonies, and an almost soca-like undertone ( I know sounds weird,but it's poppin'! lol). This girl has the looks, voice, lyrics, and an unique sound that'll for sure have her on the tip of everyone's tongue. Hear Devon Baldwin serve the real below. 

Jake & Papa ft. DUBB and Karina Pasian

Things don't always go as planned..That's what's happening with R&B duo Jake & Papa. The two brothers rose to fame a few years back with their three older brothers in the five man collective, Brutha. Now, after rebuilding their brand, Jake & Papa have dropped their new Westcoast inspired single "Leave Me" ft LA rapper DUBB and their former label mate, singer Karina Pasian. On the Blackstreet sampled track, the brothers sing about freakin', while Karina begs them not to leave after, on the hook. It's a fun,uptempo song that'll definitely have people singing along to the catchy melody. It's good to hear something more mainstream from Karina. She's one of the most vocally gifted artists of our generation and hopefully she'll be given the platform to showcase her skills again. "Leave Me" is available on iTunes. 

Video: Natalie La Rose ft. Jeremih - Somebody

I wanna dance with somebody...Everyone knows the classic Whitney Houston tune,  and now it's been slightly refreshed for a new generation. Dutch singer Natalie La Rose debuts into the game with her uptempo single "Somebody" ft Jeremih. In the accompanying video, the long haired beauty wears a pleated skirt in a puddle of water,channels her inner Aaliyah in front of a lit up mansion, and links up with her co star in a colorful greenhouse. I really appreciate when a new artist (or any artist in general nowadays) brings creativity,choreography, and a plethora of outfit changes to their visuals. Depending on how the rest of the music fares, Natalie could be a real contender to compete with top entertainers. Her debut album should be arriving later this year via Republic Records/Universal Music. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

$hang - Body Rock

Atlanta songstress $hang released her debut EP #TheWildThingsCollection yesterday and it's a collection of abstract, moody jams that include the redlight special, "Body Rock". On the sensual tune, $hang gives a breathy vocal and explains how things should be going when getting phyisically intimate. The ending where she's talking and cooing sends me over everytime;so sexy (she kind of sounds like Adrienne Bailon on the adlibs). Listen below. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Jo'zzy - Throw Shade

Memphis bred artist Jo'zzy  returns with her new mixtape #Twenty90sToo. The self-proclaimed "singer disguised as a rapper" came onto our radar last year on the Timbaland and Ma$e assisted #TrynaWife. Now she's back with a new project, and from that set spawns the bouncy,throwback jam "Throw Shade". Sampling Lil Kim's legendary line, 'Shade' sees Jo'zzy detail her ride or die feelings towards an uncertain relationship. There's an essence of 'cool' she gives off on the track;very reminiscent of Aaliyah. I really feel like this girl is one to watch, from this song alone. Hear Jo'zzy demand attention on the Wizz Dumb produced cut below. 

Neyo - Take You There

World renowned singer/songwriter Neyo recently released his sixth album #Non-Fiction. One of the standout tracks from the project is the sexually charged "Take You There". On the traditional R&B cut, Neyo lets a lady know he wants to love her body, and if it turns into loving her heart, he's fine with that too. I have been playing this song non stop! I'm not the biggest Neyo fan, but his vocals on this song are incredible, especially the falsetto towards the end. It's a really feel good joint, and engulfs my spirit everytime I hear it LOL. Listen to the baby making jam below. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Video: Seafret - Oceans

Uk duo Seafret have unveiled the video for their somber,acoustic single "Oceans". While not appearing physically, Seafret's love-stricken anthem acts as a score for a short film, which sees a bullied young girl dress up as a super hero to cope with the pain. As it turns out, the girl develops real super powers and defeats the same crowd who antagonized her. I love everything about this song and video (gives me the same feeling as the movie, #ThePerksofBeingAWallflower). Watch the emotional clip below. 

Liane V - Where Have You Been?

This might be her best song to date. LA singer Liane V puts her own spin on Ameriie's 2001 classic #WhyDontWeFallInLove on new single, "Where Have You Been?". The Fayo N Chill produced midtempo stays close to the original, while freshening up the verses with new lyrics and melodies. Liane sounds very similar to Ameriie thoughout, so it was an instant like for me. It's exciting to see an R&B artist of Asian descent and will be interesting to see how well she fares in the mainstream. Listen to Liane find her prince below.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Video: Kyle ft. Kehlani - Just A Picture

There's more to life than selfies and social media. Bay Area artists Kyle and Kehlani try to keep their significant others' attention in the video for their 80's Pop inspired song, "Just A Picture". The song has a fluffy melody and relatable lyrics that make for a light, fun time, so there's no surprise that a lot of color and quirky graphics were used to bring the vision to life. I personally appreciated the choregraphy scenes,which was unexpected. Watch the rapper and singer denounce Instagram love below. 

Video: Rihanna ft. Kanye West & Paul McCartney - FourFiveSeconds

Seems like the Rihanna reign is not letting up anytime soon. The Bajan beauty teams up with Kanye West and legandary Beatles member, Paul McCartney, in the simplistic visual for her chart topping Country inspired single, "FourFiveSeconds". Rih and Kanye don full jean emsembles as they express their disdain for being tried, if you will. The black and white visual could pass for a Gap ad (I love the moving editorial idea) and symbolizes growth for the superstar's career. Rihanna is no stranger to heading left when everyone is going right, which makes me even more excited for her upcoming 8th album. Peep the classic video below.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Merril Owns - Play Forget

Singer/Songwriter Merril Owns bounces his way into the new year on the first single from his upcoming EP, They Flockin'. "Play Forget" sees the confident San Diego,CA native spit game and express his uncertainties about an ex's front. The midtempo, reminiscent of Roger and Zapp's #ComputerLove, should resonate well with the younger generation, citing lines, I'm not gonna wait on your call, give it time you gon' pull up outside. Take a listen to the rambunctious cut below.

Chisanity ft. Trey Songz - Real Nigga

This song is for all my real ones out there. Trey Songz introduces his new artist Chisanity on the self-explanitory,midtempo "Real Nigga" produced by Taz Taylor. The track starts with a brief convo between Chisanity and an unidentified female, suggesting that he come through to her place. The two artists take turns letting the ladies know what a real n*gga consists of, often rap singing. It's a cool record to throw on when you're riding in the car on a nice day. Listen below.