Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Jacquees - Bounce

Atlanta singer Jacquees holds his fans over with his latest track "Bounce", while they wait for the release of his debut album. The Rich Gang star keeps with the sexual theme on the slow-burning R&B banger and it's gold. I love a good sex song, especially with a little knock to it...so this is a winner in my eyes. Take a listen below.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Video: Obs3ssed - Flexin'

Girl group Obs3ssed step onto the scene with their throwback inspired video "Flexin". The singing trio take it back to the early naughties with Christina inspired wardrobe and Britney like dance moves, all the while keeping it current with fresh R&B styled melodies. I love a good girl group so I'm all the way here for it. Here's to hoping that this isn't a one off and these ladies do big things. Watch the no scrub kiss-off anthem below.

Video: Miguel - Waves

R&B rockstar Miguel has been enjoying a few years of success off of his experimental sound. His latest single and video "Waves" further pushes his agenda into uncharted waters. The urban funk track sees the ever sexual crooner expressing his intimate needs, while the video plays out as a psychedelic, punk show equipped with women galore and a few famous features (J.Cole,Wale,Vanessa Hudgens). I absolutely love "Waves" and it's parent album Wildheart. Miguel has successfully blended lush harmonies with exuberant guitar melodies to create enjoyable, real life experiences,,which is much needed in the current state of music. Get lost at sea below. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Video: JayWill - Come and Go

It's not everyday we get to witness an artist as unique as LA rapper JayWill. The bisexual emcee lets it be known that guys come a dime a dozen in the colorful video for "Come and Go". In said clip, Jay gets pampered by shirtless hunks, gets his nerd on with a couple of school girls, and even switches it up by rocking a long ponytail while busting out some choreographed moves. This visual shows how you can successfully intertwine being yourself with being commercially viable...and the song...so catchy and honestly is something I could see Nicki Minaj being apart of, which is a compliment if you ask me. My favorite line (probably because I'm from Cali lol) is def My next n*gga name Raekwon is a criminal from Piru, and if nobody ever (insert) a n*gga that gangbang shit I do. With his fearlessness and creative eye alone, he will go far. As Gucci would say, Miss one..next 15 one comin'. Watch below.