Monday, October 5, 2015

Video: JayWill - Come and Go

It's not everyday we get to witness an artist as unique as LA rapper JayWill. The bisexual emcee lets it be known that guys come a dime a dozen in the colorful video for "Come and Go". In said clip, Jay gets pampered by shirtless hunks, gets his nerd on with a couple of school girls, and even switches it up by rocking a long ponytail while busting out some choreographed moves. This visual shows how you can successfully intertwine being yourself with being commercially viable...and the catchy and honestly is something I could see Nicki Minaj being apart of, which is a compliment if you ask me. My favorite line (probably because I'm from Cali lol) is def My next n*gga name Raekwon is a criminal from Piru, and if nobody ever (insert) a n*gga that gangbang shit I do. With his fearlessness and creative eye alone, he will go far. As Gucci would say, Miss 15 one comin'. Watch below.

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