Thursday, March 5, 2015

Christina Milian - Rebel

You guys won't even believe how excited I am right now! Anyone who really knows me knows I LOVE Christina Milian. She's been one of my favorite singers since forever;I own all the albums etc. Tina Turn Up is making her return to the music side of things with her first single, "Rebel". The sultry slow jam instantly takes you back to the skating rink days, where a lot of early bumping and grinding took place lol. Christina rides the throwback beat with two memorable verses and an equally catchy hook, cooing out, As long as we know wassup...there's nothing left to discuss boy. With the exception of the overused autotune (which I've grown to love), this track is a 10 across the board for me. Christina Milian is known for being beautiful and sexy so what better way to play up her strengths than to release a risque,sensual song accompanied by a striking single cover? Her team is getting everything right for me,and with the aid of her E! reality show #ChristinaMilianTurnedUp + constant visibilty in the tabloids, "Rebel" should gain some pretty good traction. Now all she needs to do is drop a killer video and it's a wrap. I can finally say I can't wait for the new album! "Rebel" (Prod. by The Silentkillers) is available for download now on iTunes. 

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