Thursday, December 18, 2014

Chay$e - Burning It Up

Swang dine and get to know H-Town singer/songwriter Chay$e. A couple months ago she released her debut EP #PurpleLove to great reviews,and from that project came the hot single "Burning It Up". Accompanying a variety of different sounds in the instrumental (which remind me of a 90's jam) is her high pitched voice and takes you on a ride. Comparing her love to burning up some of that good, Chay$e lets her dude know all the things that he makes her feel. In my opinion,I get a 2014 Aaliyah/Timbaland vibe. I saw a clip from the video she shot for the song(looked creative too),but no word on if it will still be released. Blaze up a backwood,po'up, and jam's fire.

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