Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Meleka - The Funkin 90s EP

UK singer Meleka takes a turn in direction with her latest EP "The Funkin 90s". She flexes her vocal chops,covering classic 90s R&B hits. I love the fact that she and the producers changed up arrangements and recreated the records to give them new life. Her vocal prowess is nothing short of amazing,as she weaves in and out of harmony and commands attention with unique,well constructed runs. Aaliyah's #AreYouThatSomebody is one of my favorite songs of all time and Meleka does a great job of staying close to the original, while throwing her own spice in it (screwed elements at the end = A+). Other standouts include the groovy, fast to slow #WhereIWannaBe (Donell Jones cover) and the lush,melodic,neo-soul take on Soul For Real's #CandyRain. Skip down memory lane below.

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