Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jazmine Sullivan - Mascara

It's hard being this fine all the time...R&Beast Jazmine Sullivan drops the 3rd single from her upcoming album, #RealityShow. "Mascara" is a moody midtempo that showcases Jazzy's perfect baritone all the while depicting today's society of women. I can already tell that this amazingly clever track will go right over many people's heads,which I think is genius and a shame at the same time. A lot of girls want to be instafamous, or believe the only way to get a man is to be a model or have a ridiculous fake ass(hey,no judgement here). I commend Ms.Sullivan for speaking on a social issue in a way that's contemporary enough for the youth to jam to. Let's be honest...the song is just damn good! Here's hoping the masses latch onto it and young girls around the world feel inspired. You CAN be poppin' without your mascara ladies.

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