Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Album: Natasha Mosley - Rose Hall

When I saw that my girl Natasha Mosley released her full length album, I was instantly excited. You may remember the young Atlanta singer from her collaborations with Jeremih (All The Time) and Verse Simmonds (Bent Up), but now she's ready to step out on her own. "Rose Hall" is a true definition of Hip Hop and R&B; hard hitting beats meshed with soft, angelic vocals. Ms. Mosley taps her favorite producers, FKi among others to serve up that 'real'. The entire project is pretty cohesive, but of course I have a few standouts. The vulnerable Love Me Later tells the story of a person who knows who they want to be with for the rest of their life, but it's not reciprocated just yet on the other end. I get in my feelings every time I hear it because I know exactly where she's coming from, as I too have held out hope for someone who wasn't quite ready for me.  On the sensual October, the brown skin beaut yearns for a cuddle buddy during the cooler seasons, while staking her claim on the confident Beautiful. Other notable tracks include the bouncy Anything and Shotgun. Natasha is the around the way girl that the ladies want to hang around and the guys want to date, making "Rose Hall" the perfect soundtrack to close out the year. Get into it below. 

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