Friday, January 23, 2015

Video: Maxine Ashley - Between You and I

Bronx singer Maxine Ashley has caught the attention of super producer Pharrell Williams with her ever changing look and soulful voice. The young creative teams up with Tragik to serve up a pink fantasy equipped with babydoll socks and a tatted love interest for her "Between You and I" video. Hands down I feel like this song could of came out in the early 00's and been a hit;very reminiscent of an early Ashanti. Maxine has a unique style that is punk,anime inspired,and edgy, which is completely different than the music she makes, but puts her in a league of her own. I appreciate the no f*cks given attitude and creative approach to her artistry, so lets hope her debut album will see her take her talents to the next level. "Between You and I" can be found on her #MoodSwings EP, available now. 

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