Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Preston Harris - Love Crazy

HS87 We The Plug..Preston Harris has put out an amazing record called "Love Crazy". The dysfunctional Hit-Boy produced track involves a lot of unorthodox sounds and melodies, creating a refreshing listening experience. The San Diego (my hometown whoop) native sings his way into a special lady's heart with lines such as, ooh baby have you ever had real love? ooh baby not the selfish,blind love. The musicality is so crazy on this track! I appreciate Preston for pushing boundaries, and even reintroducing love to male R&B. Look out for the surprise switch up midway through, showcasing a more tranquil,traditional side of Mr.Harris. I'm really excited that someone from Daygo is making great music, especially a singer. I rock with HS87 tough so I know he's going to do some really cool things with that whole camp. Hear Preston serenade below. 

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