Monday, January 12, 2015

Mixtape: Amir Obe - Detrooklyn

Gorgeous and Gangsta. Detroit born emcee Amir Obe dropped his official reintroduction mixtape "Detrooklyn" a few months ago to critical acclaim. I first discovered him on Twitter and followed because of his great fashion sense. A few people may know the rapper under a previous moniker #PhreshyDuzit, when he was dropping records and involved with Atlantic Records. Somewhere down the line things went left,but that didn't stop the young hopeful from crafting his own sound with producer NYLZ. "Detrookyln" sees Amir chronicle his split living in Detroit and Brooklyn,his burgeoning rap career, and of course..girls. The project gives me a lot of raw,real emotion,while also serving an abundance of swagger. Amir has a knack for vividly painting pictures with his detailed lyrics and putting them against NYLZ's cinematic backdrops. His mixed heritage and street appeal set the scene on the confident track #MyD, where he spews the line Last night I swear I met a angel, she asked me what I'm mixed with I said gorgeous and gangsta (my fav track). Other standouts include the warped self-reflection banger #HennessyBreath, the 90's inspired, smoking anthem #Drugs&Cam'ron, and an ode to his boomerang effect on women, #FeelIt. I like to see artists gradually come into their own and excel,so here's hoping Amir Obe gets the chance to share more with the world. Stream "Detrooklyn" below. 

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